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Fix and Tricks Fix and Tricks
Spring is the time to DIY. From fixing to organizing, Arrow has the tools, projects and how-to’s to help you get it done and get happy!
Enter our Spring DIY Giveaway for a chance to win a Prize Pack full of Arrow tools and fasteners.
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How to enter

Fix and Tricks Spring DIY Giveaway

Entering is easy! Share how you DIY with Arrow Fastener on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We will pick random winners to receive a DIY Prize Pack full of Arrow tools that will help you get fixing!


How To Enter on Facebook

Simply show us how you DIY with Arrow in the comments section of our Fix and Tricks Giveaway post on facebook.com/arrowfastener


How To Enter on Instagram

Simply share how you DIY with Arrow using #DIYwithArrow on instagram.com/arrowfastener


How To Enter on Twitter

Simply show us how you DIY with Arrow in the comments section of our Fix and Tricks Giveaway post on twitter.com/arrow_fastener

Arrow DIY Prize Pack Includes:

Read Giveaway Rules and Regulations

Be a How-to Hero

Here are a few tips, tricks and things to consider when you DIY.


Staple Tip

Buy the staple size you think you need, PLUS the next shorter size.
You won’t be sorry.

Staple Guide
Rivet Tip

Rivet Tip

Not sure which rivet to use when you DIY. For heavy-duty projects, depend on steel rivets. Lightweight jobs? Aluminum rivets will get it done. Arrow steel or aluminum come in three diameters and three grip ranges.

How to Pick the Right Rivet

Tool Tip

Get a grip! To make the job easier, choose the tool your hands want to hold.


The T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun works best for people with large grip spans.



The T50HS Powershot Advanced and T50X TacMate are the easier-to-squeeze options.

Still not sure what you need?

See Which Tool is Right For You
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Want more How-To's?

Looking to become a how-to hero? Check out our Video Page or subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Arrow's YouTube Channel Video Page

Project Ideas and Tools

Get Your Happy On!

Here are DIY projects perfect for Spring and the Arrow tools to help you get
the job done right. Be sure to share how you #DIYwithArrow.

Organize Your Tools and Lumber

For Backyard and Garden

Get Your Fix

Show us How you #DIYwithArrow

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