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 I was about to order a part and I am not seeing any encryption. Is this the case? Am I about to enter my Visa card on an unsecured area?

Arrow Fastener does not manufacture 3/32" rivets for our RHT200S and RHT300 model rivet tools. However, these tools do come with a nose piece attachment that will allow you to use 3/32" rivets with your tool. Please check your local home improvement center or hardware store for availability of 3/32" rivets.

All genuine Arrow Staples have a galvanized coating that will help resist rust, but not prevent it. In order to obtain rust proofing you will need to purchase Arrow genuine staples in Stainless Steel or Monel® Varieties. Monel® Staples (66% nickel & 33% copper) are not only 100% rust proof but they also won't have a galvanic reaction with some metals as Stainless Steel staples may. For the ultimate in rust proof staples always request Monel® staples. Monel® is a registered trademark of the ®Inco family of companies.

These tackers and their staples can be found at most electrical supply stores. Hardware stores and home centers may not not carry these tools.

This fastener keeps the staple gun body together. Sometimes the ring can come loose and get lost. Always order the clevis pin and ring together. Please check the parts list for your particular tool to re-order. 

Yes, you can. The A44 and A98 are older, discontinued staplers. The staples for these tools are difficult to find locally and we ask that you order them direct from us. One pack of S25PP (2,400 staples per pack) staples fits the DC25 or A44 staplers. One pack of S66PP (2,400 staples per pack) staples fits the P66 or P98 staplers.

The Pusher Rod slides in the rear of your tool to hold the staples or brads in place. Please check the parts list (click the parts list icon on our main page) for your tool to see which pusher rod you need. Select Pusher Rods can now be ordered at our online store. Please click on the Online Store Button located to the left hand side on the Arrow Fastener Website Homepage. See FAQ #6 for ordering information.

The T32 stapler was replaced with the T30 staple gun many years ago. The T30 added the capability to shoot 3/8" staples in addition to the 1/4" and 5/16". However, if you still have a T32 staple gun you can use the T30 staples in your T32 in two sizes, 1/4" and 5/16" (item numbers 304 & 305). The T32 CANNOT take the 3/8" (306) T30 staples. Please check your local hardware store for these items.

If available, you can purchase spare parts for the fastener you are using on our website. Navigate to the web page for the fastener you are using and click the Parts tab on that page. There you will find a list of parts that are available for purchase for that fastener.

Our T50 Heavy Duty staple guns are manufactured at our facility in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, USA.