TruTac™ TT21

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The Arrow TruTac™ TT21 Light Duty Forward Action Stapler is great for projects around the house. The direction of the handle on the TruTac™ TT21 stapler is reversed so you press down right over the point of impact. This makes it easier to staple and allows you to use your body weight to assist you in using the stapler. The design is clean and modern and the forward action technology makes this tool Easier to use, more precise and provides better control.


  • Soft comfortable ergonomic grip and clean modern design makes this tool great for Crafting, Home Décor and Decorating projects
  • Light weight design makes this a perfect tool for quick repairs around the house
  • Visual refill window shows the user if they have staples loaded
  • Fires JT21®staples in three sizes: 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm



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