T59™ Insulated Staple Wire Tacker

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frusrtrated This WAS the best coax stapler on the market, but since the redesign with the larger opening/saddle the staples bend when shot into materials harder than pine and barley seat in drywall. I've tried to combine the front (please excuse my lack of individual component knowledge) of the old model with everything else from the new model and the gun won't even fire. I work for a large company with a lot of techs and the feeling is mutual. The picture above is of the older model and does not represent the current design. Please make the old model an option like the picture would indicate. I've tried to aquire old stock from sellers based on the picture they show, but they appear to be using the same photo you are. At our company we are stuck with you because the company provides the staplers and staples, but I'm begging you to help out the people in the field. March 11, 2014
New version does not work well I am a supervisor for a cable company and we have used these for years. The last couple of orders we have received have problems. The staples do not come out straight, or sink fully on both sides consistenlty. We never used to have these issues, but not we do. Seems the older guns just worked much more consistently. February 28, 2014
Doesn't Work Had an older one of these used for years worked great. Bought three of them last week and out of the three only one works. other two miss fire and wont drive staples. And it's really a pain trying to install wire on a latter and fight these things. January 12, 2014
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