T50PBN™ Staple & Nail Gun

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  • Shoots Staples And 5/8" Brad Nails
  • Hi-Viz Cushioned Non-Slip Grip
  • Chrome Finish Resists Wear And Tear
  • All Steel Construction
  • High Carbon Hardened Steel Working Parts
  • Visual Staple/Brad Refill Window
  • Jam resistant mechanism
  • Easy Squeeze Double Leverage Operation

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T50PBN Staple Nail Gun
This product worked once
I used it for one project, and then it jammed. I am using the original staples that came with it. I undid the locking nut, took apart the assembly, and put it back together. It takes several attempts to get one staple. Then it doesn't work. So disappointed. I have used Arrow staplers for years, lost one in a fire, but apparently they are not made the same anymore.
May 2, 2013
Constantly jams
My husband purchased this before he passed away. I took it new out of the box. Was able to used it twice with no problem. The 3rd time, it did nothing but jam. Couldn't get the lock nut off to clear it. Neighbor came over and got lock nut off and took assembly off. STILL can't get to the jam. Had to pound and pound on cement to dislodge stuck staples. Loaded it again. Jammed again. Piece of junk at any price. Don't waste your time or money.
March 23, 2013
Beyond my expectations
I have a very old stapler from another brand that I haven't use in a while, happened that when I was needing to make a home-project and started looking for staple refills I couldn't find those specific ones that I was looking for. I was very disappointed when I realized I had to get a new one but hey! this handy thing its a 2in1 tool and when I was done with my project I totally love this T50PBN.
My wife loves it too because It weights probably 1/3 less than my old one but its actually a strong tool, I was working for hours with it with no hassle and since working parts are made out of hardened steel I expected it to last for a while.
I definitely recommend this product.
October 19, 2012
Jams, jams and then jams again
Sorry. I grew up shooting a painted red steel Arrow stapler in the 1960's. It was problematic then. It's 2012 and this T-50PBN unit looks heavy duty and the fit and finish looks good... but, I shot about 15 1/4" Arrow T-50 staples and it jammed 8 times. When I was shooting 3/8" staples for tacking chicken wire it jammed about 5-10% of the time. Into the Goodwill box so at least I can get a tax deduction.
Looking for a more reliable brand.
June 29, 2012
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  • Installing Insulation
  • Hang Ceiling Tile
  • Upholster Chairs
  • Laying Carpeting
  • Tack Down Padding
  • Line a Draw with Paper
  • Repair Window Shades
  • Repair or replace Screening on a Door
  • Tack Down Thin Wire
  • Build a Picture Fram
  • Trim a Door
  • Attach Thin Molding or Veneer

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