T25™ Staples - Item 259

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T25 9/16 Inch (14mm) Staples
  • Item #259™
  • Leg length: 9/16" (14mm)
  • Crown width: 5/16" (8mm)
  • Pack size: 1,000
  • Round crown
  • Also Available in Monel and Beige



T25 Multipurpose Wire Tacker
Garage Door & Operator Installer
I see that I'm not the only one experiencing major issues with the T25 staple gun. I too am a garage door installer and have been using the same model, all steel with rubber grip handle, T25 staple gun. For years they've always been a reliable tool, untill recently. The rule is, never leave the gun in a place where it can fall and damage the gun because it's usually unforgiving if this happens. I make it a practice to always rest the gun in a safe location between usage. Recently I did infact drop the gun right on its tip and therefore had jamming issues not unlike times this has happened in the past. So, This means,time to replace it. Well, went to Home Depot, Got another gun, Same model that I always use. Right away, the gun kept jamming,had to take it apart 3-4 times to Finnish my low voltage wiring job. Brought it back, got another one, SAME THING. I have gone through, absolutely no exasuration, seven Arrow T25 staple guns in a four week period. I keep my gun in the cab of my truck and make sure it's never in harms way and like all of the other six, It either jams, shoots multiple staples at once, or misfires. My buddy has an older gun, same model, all rusty from being in his job box and it works perfectly and his has been dropped and has had no pampering what so ever. We even order the staples,by the case, directly from Arrow. I think Arrow is having a definately problem with there production line. Also, I swapped the gun out at a few different Home Depot location to weed out the chance that I could have just have experienced a few guns from the same bad shipment. None the less, Regardless of which location I've swapped the gun out at, I'm faced with the same issues. Production is very important in my trade and this is a serious issue because there are'nt any other manufacturers that make a product that uses T25 staples. Please address this issue.
March 15, 2013
Did Arrow change the product?
I am a professional installer for garage door openers and have used this product for 20 years. Well, all of a sudden I am finding myself buying staple guns every other month because my T25 and T18 just stop working. Arrow, you need to seriously look into the quality of this product and the staples you manufacture.
March 9, 2013
This product is terrible, great for wasting time
I am using a brand new Arrow T25P staple tool with genuine Arrow staples #256. First, I cannot install a full stack of staples, I have to break off about one inch in order to install the tension spring. Why would you manufacture "Genuine" staples in a stack which doesn't fit properly in a "Genuine" tool? Second, I can only install two staples before the tool jams. I have to climb down my ladder, remove all the staples from the tool and waste time removing a jammed staple.
November 30, 2012
worked for about 2months then quit
at first the new design looked stronger ----- but after two months and two units they quit shooting -- i have tried everything and i ONLY use T-25 staples --no off breeds --- i think the gun is not worth buying over again this is my 2nd one the first one was returnable with receipt but i lost the receipt and the store said NO WAY i cannot chance buying another. i have used the older T25 stapler's until they fall apart and they were great now ------------------not so much
September 6, 2012
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