T50PBN™ Staple & Nail Gun


  • Shoots Staples And 5/8" Brad Nails
  • Hi-Viz Cushioned Non-Slip Grip
  • Chrome Finish Resists Wear And Tear
  • All Steel Construction
  • High Carbon Hardened Steel Working Parts
  • Visual Staple/Brad Refill Window
  • Jam resistant mechanism
  • Easy Squeeze Double Leverage Operation

Downloadable Manual/Safety

Parts Diagram




  • Installing Insulation
  • Hang Ceiling Tile
  • Upholster Chairs
  • Laying Carpeting
  • Tack Down Padding
  • Line a Draw with Paper
  • Repair Window Shades
  • Repair or replace Screening on a Door
  • Tack Down Thin Wire
  • Build a Picture Fram
  • Trim a Door
  • Attach Thin Molding or Veneer