T18™ Telephone Wire Tacker

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Only Works for awhile I have tried to get along with this staple gun having been in the low voltage industry for over 30 years. I have found that this gun after 3 months of daily use starts fouling more and more and then becomes unusable. Staples either do not come out or they get jammed and I have to take it apart to fix it. I recently sent my fouled (for the ump-teenth time) T-18 round head staple gun back to the president of the company explaining that there is no other gun out there I can use but have wasted countless hours ($$) fiddling with this gun for 25 years and was extremely frustrated. They were nice and sent a few new products with the request that I try it again. I did that and sure enough, right around 3 months the T-18 became unusable - again :( I need the T-18 for smaller wires - but I always have to go back to the T-25 which fouls less but fouls to get my work done and support my family. I do not know why they do not address this issue with the T-18 n T-25 round head staple guns. January 22, 2014
Don't leave loose wires anywhere! Started working in the Electronics field back in the 70's as a tech and antenna installer! Attaching antenna cable to houses and other buildings was a nightmare until I found the Arrow staplers! "WOW" what a difference! The T18, T25 and T75 saved me from customer complaints about loose wires anywhere! Seems like every customer was Certified Electrical Inspector, but I listened to what they wanted and if there was something I couldn't do I would improvise and find a way to get the job done to the customer's satisfaction and Arrow Staplers were and still are the First Line of Defense! Thanks Arrow for a super line of tools! December 24, 2013
ugly wires, looks like a rats nest , but NO MORE! I had a mess, so many cables and no way to make it look neat enough till I got this wire tacker. Holds the wires nice an firm to whatever your stapling it to. Plus they can't get tangled again! Just put the wire tacker over the wire and a little squeeze and never worry about them again! November 6, 2012
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